Of course, Pico's favorite is still Tang Wei, not the slightest sense of age, with the hair and shooting angle of the light and shadow effect, her skin and facial contours and other state of very good shooting!


Her face is rare, hexagonal, close to the round, but more prominent on both sides of the jaw. It's just more backward, and it's not obvious when you look at the front.


Looking at the side of her jaw angle is more obvious, so the general Tang Wei can be seen on the finishing map, the lower side of the side of the shadow or push into the treatment.


However, some netizens because of the attack of lazy cancer, in order not to use cosmetics to achieve the effect of shadow and highlight, can be said to be a brain hole to break the brain, but the method is difficult to say.


Listen to the name you can see, semi-permanent must be linked to micro-finishing cosmetic surgery, btw, mei pupil line and wenmei korean semi-permanent makeup technology can still accept, this semi-permanent highlight shadow is what the ghost? !


Pigo sees these two pictures directly goose bumps, has this money to buy cosmetic it does not smell! Why are you paying for this? Don't we work hard and keep a little makeup fun! !


There are sanitary conditions, and so on, now Weibo search a large number of cosmetic training institutions, a few days can be on the job, even certificates can be directly bought on a treasure, such a plastic brother is really afraid.


The idea at that time was, if you can go out for military training, sunscreen to avoid the need to repair facial contours and nose shadow and other parts, then after a dozen days of military training, will harvest a very three-dimensional delicate small face?


The effect may prove useful, but don't try it if your complexion is white! A little unnoticed will produce a feeling of uneven complexion, very unnatural!


This is certainly not to say that those European and American beauty bloggers are not good, but their makeup method is not suitable for everyone! Especially recently, the makeup bloggers on the extranet are using some of the more strange tools, on...


Maybe the great god's dressing room is in the kitchen... Hand heavy enough to directly draw a big lump in the face of my brother do not agree! For Asians this painting is really a disaster Liao!


This method does not need to be said by Picodo! P map technology which is strong, professional level has Photoshop, simple version has a beautiful picture show, but also has a variety of beauty camera, to meet your own features and face all the requirements, save time and effort but easy to see the dead ha ha ha!


Therefore, the above all these exotic decoration are not reliable! Let's be honest! The following skin brother to explain to you the correct repair method oh ~


It is important to note here that in the center of the forehead, as well as in the temple depression, the use of highlights to brighten, in the hairline around the shadow, lower hairline and make the forehead more full oh!


From the ear will repair the face to the chin, create a three-dimensional shadow effect, while the apple muscle and chin center smear highlights, can visually narrow the width of the face, but also create a sharp melon face Oh ~


This trim stick is divided into two, a highlight a shadow, the paste is more delicate and smooth, very close to the skin, it is a double-head trim, the other end is super soft brush hair, soft skin, with the use of can make the trim more natural!


The color number recommended by Pico here is grayish-toned brown, more suitable for the complexion of the yellow race, the face is very natural, will not make the makeup look dirty, the softness and color of the paste are moderate, not too easy to draw too heavy, the novice can use it without any pressure.


The eye fat thicker small lovely, look more swollen eyes, need to deepen the eye socket ~ the key point here is to \"touch the bone \", is to find out their orbital position, focus on the eye socket on the shadow, and the eye center of the bright!


It's also grayish brown, and it turns out that it's really perfect for use as a dressing! In addition, it is very compact, use brush to take powder, the overall is very natural drop!


This three-color trim can take care of all parts of the skin, to create the most suitable for their skin effect! However, the color of the general, need under the heavy hand, so very friendly to the novice!


The color number of this plate of pork highlights is PinkGlow, the whole has a feeling of rose gold, very suitable for warm white paper use! The gloss is strong, the powder is also super delicate, the white part can sweep the nose bridge part, the rose pink also can use as the cheekbone brightens and the blush.


For those with thinner lips, you can use a highlight on the outer edge of the lip to depict the lip line and the bulge in the person, use the shadow to smear on the depression in the person and under the lip, can make their lips more three-dimensional, look more sexy oh!


This trim panel consists of two highlights and two shades, all skin tones can be done! Its powder is more delicate, but like tooschoolforschool is not very colorful, more suitable for novice use, cheap big bowl use will not hurt.


The above is the whole content of this issue, as the saying goes, good repair, direct weight loss of 20 jin! Little cute people quickly learn these methods, the transformation of three-dimensional features of the little princess, to the peak of life ah!

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