On the evening of January 3, the company's director, policy committee member, president and executive committee director, Mr Liao Cui-meng, intends to reduce the total number of shares of the company to no more than 690,000, or% of the company's total shares, in the six months following the 15 trading days after the announcement.


Despite the small number of proposed reductions, some investors have expressed concerns. One investor said,\" What about Monday when you're down?\" Investors also said,\" Monday is not the time to run.\"


Recently, affected by this news,\" seed stocks soared \"once occupied the top of the hot financial search. As the industry's leading Longping Hi-tech is sought after by funds, Tencent's top self-selected Mini Programs hot search list.


Shares in Longping Tech rose by% in four trading days, hitting a new high since August 23,2018. Among them, December 30,2019 closing up%; December 31,2019, January 2,2020, January 2,2020, Longping Hi-tech all trading, the latest number of envelopes is 10,000 hands.


On December 30,2019, the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced that it intends to approve the issuance of a genetically modified safety certificate for 192 plant varieties, including the genetically modified maize \"DBN9936\" and the genetically modified maize\" double resistance 12-5\" of Hangzhou Ruifeng \/ Zhejiang University. Hangzhou Ruifeng Department Longping Hi-tech Shares Company.


According to the announcement, Longping Hi-tech now owns a% stake in Hangzhou Ruifeng, and its related party Chengtong CITIC Agricultural Structural Adjustment Investment Fund (limited partnership) holds a% stake in Hangzhou Ruifeng through Shenzhen Kunxin Ruihang Technology Partnership (limited partnership).


Longping high-tech said that the company as the only industrial investors in hangzhou ruifeng, in recent years with hangzhou ruifeng and professor shen zhicheng in gm crop traits research and development and industrialization, the implementation of gm technology conversion field of comprehensive cooperation. Hangzhou Ruifeng Department by Professor Shen Zhicheng as the founder, is a domestic professional genetically modified crop traits research and development and industrial application of outstanding enterprises.


\"This is the first time since 2009 that GM maize has made progress in applying for a safety certificate,\" he said. According to Ping An Securities, the incremental space brought by the genetically modified seed industry comes from providing a complete set of solutions, with 100 million mu of domestic corn grown, calculated at 10 yuan per mu of technology, and a conservative estimate of 5.3 billion yuan in market space.


As soon as the news came out, the agency knocked on the door to investigate. According to the investor relations activity record sheet disclosed by Longping Hi-tech on the afternoon of January 3, representatives of four institutions, Chongyang Investment, Jiangxi Chaowang Investment Co., Ltd. and GuoAulian Fund Management Co., Ltd., came to Longping Hi-Tech on January 2 to investigate the research and development of maize biotechnology.


The company's revenue comes mainly from rice seeds, followed by corn seeds, according to Longping Hi-tech's previous \"Annual Business Operating Report 2018-2019.\" October 1,2018-September 30,2019, rice seeds and corn seeds contributed 100 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively, accounting for%,% of the total revenue.


In the first three quarters of 2019, Longping Tech achieved revenue of $100 million, down% from a year earlier, with a loss of $100 million and a post-deduction loss of $100 million. The company said the decrease in net profit was mainly due to seasonal losses in the industry in the third quarter, and the increase in daily average loan volume in the first three quarters of (2019), the change of loan exchange rate, the increase of loan interest rate and other factors led to the increase of financial expenses of the company, and the return on overseas investment, financial assets investment was less than the previous period. Affected by the industry downturn, seed industry profits fell.


Shenzhen Zhenhua Road Securities Business Department bought 44.13 million yuan and 10,000 yuan on December 31,2019 and January 2,2020, for a total of 100 million yuan. Since 2019, the seat has appeared 46 times on the Dragon Tiger list, with a total turnover of $100 million and strength ranked 158th, according to Dongcai Choice.


Shanghai Minhang District Dongchuan Road Securities Business Department on January 2 to buy Longping Hi-Tech billion. Dongcai Choice data show that the seat is \"strength hot money,\" since 2019, the seat has appeared in the list of 189 times, the total transaction of 100 million yuan, strength ranked 19th.


Hot money sought after at the same time, there are also funds for a series of large shipments. During the period when mr longping won three trading boards, beijing's anli lu securities sales department sold ten thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan and ten thousand yuan a day, with a cumulative cash of 100 million yuan.


Institutional funding is divided. According to the dragon and tiger list on january 2nd, three institutional seats totaled 100 million yuan on the day of purchase, while two institutional seats sold on the day amounted to 100 million yuan. However, on the other two trading days, three institutional seats totaled $76.19 million and no agency seats were sold.


It is worth noting that in the Dragon Tiger list on December 31,2019, there are two seats in Changsha's local business department, namely, the British Securities Changsha Furong Road Securities Business Department and the Guoxin Securities Changsha Wuyi Avenue Securities Business Department, with a total sales amount of 39.87 million yuan and a purchase amount of 0 yuan.


In fact, the company's president, liao cui-meng, has just completed a round of reduction. In June 2019, Longping Tech announced that Liao proposed to reduce his holdings by no more than 4 million shares over a six-month period, i.e., until January 3,2020. Implementation has now been completed, with a cumulative reduction of 4 million shares. According to the average price of reduction, the total realized 54.25 million yuan.


Notably, mr. liao's four million shares were cut in late december 2019, and it also fell in recent surges. It reduced its holdings of 420,000 shares on December 30,2019,700,000 shares on December 31,2019 and 10,000 shares on January 2,2020, with a total realization of $26.02 million, or% of the total realized amount.


At present, Liao Cuimeng holds ten thousand shares of Longping Hi-tech, accounting for% of the total share of the company. Its stock market value is about $100 million, based on the latest share price (yuan\/share). However,10,000 shares of this portion are limited, or% of its holdings.


Liao's shares were acquired when a listed company issued shares to buy assets. Longping High-Tech disclosed in January 2014, the \"New Share Change Report and Listing Notice\" mentioned that the company invested in Taohai and 47 natural persons, including Yuan Fengnian and Liao Cuimeng, issued a total of 50 million shares to pay the consideration for the purchase of 45% of Hunan Longping, a controlling subsidiary of the company.


At that time, the price of the issue was 20 yuan per share, Liao Cuimeng won ten thousand shares of Longping Hi-tech shares. After the \"10 to 10\" and in 2015, the number of shares increased to 10 shares.


According to the announcement, the sale of shares purchased by Liao Cui-meng was lifted on January 11,2017, because the senior management's status under the relevant law does not exceed 25% of the shares held each year.